Pennant Personalization Guide

Let us create a beautiful pennant for just you! During the process we work closely with you to design and create a simple, stylish pennant that you can use to bring life to any room! You've come to this page for some ideas.. so let's get started.


All of our pennants are currently 14" long by 7" tall. We've chosen this size because the pennants aren't too big that they stand out and overshadow other highlights throughout the room/area, and it's not too small to where you can't read/notice it from afar!


Pennant Size

With size in mind, let's move on to some pennant ideas! 


We all have places that are important to us. Whether it's a country, state, city, province, national park, beach etc... we can personalize a pennant that caters to your special place. For example, the pennant below was made for our friends who live in Newport Beach, CA.

Newport Pennant

Quotes & Saying 

Do you have a favorite quote or saying? Maybe a favorite music line? There are so many motivational sentences that we can put on your pennant. Often times these quotes and sayings help define who we are. This pennant is a great example of a line from the band "Fleetwood Mac".

Go your own way pennant


Do you have a newborn on the way? Are you getting married soon or know someone who is? Have a family name that you treasure? We can customize your pennant with any name/surname you'd like! Here's an example of a pennant we made for our son Patrick, displaying his nickname "Pattycakes".Pattycakes Pennant


For all you sports fans out there, let us know what team you LOVE and we'll design a pennant just for you. Here's an example of a Boston Red Sox pennant that we currently have available. We'll be sure to match the teams colors and bring as much history to the pennant as we can!

Red Sox Pennant


There are so many other ideas out there, these were just a few to help spark your thoughts. Let us know if you have any questions about the pennants or the creative process. You can either send us a message or live chat with us during our business hours.

I've got my idea, now what?

Here are the 4 steps you need to go through:Are you ready to create your perfect pennant? Head on over to our

Personalized Pennant Page

and get started!